Ideas for Decorating Your Home Using Arts and Crafts

A great way to update your home with a personal touch is to use craft materials and your creativity to create decorative items. Doing so will stop your house from looking run-of-the-mill and give it a spark. Here are several ideas to consider.

Photo Wall

One option is to create a photo wall. An art and crafts store will have plenty of frames made of pine and plywood that you can decorate however you wish. You can paint them in different colours or cover them with a shabby chic-patterned fabric. You can also glue beads or feathers to the frame. Use a variety of different-sized frames for visual interest.

DIY Wall Art

Even if you're not into painting pictures, it's easy to create your own art by other means. For example, use paper, canvas or any other material as the background. Then you can use paint, stamps and stencils to create a unique design. Layer and overlap the stencils at diverse angles and use different paint colours for an abstract impression. You can even get materials from your garden, such as leaves, cover them with paint and press them onto your art. Alternatively, paint around the edges of each leaf as it's arranged on the artwork.

Jar Ornaments

Colourful jars are great ornaments that you can put in your bathroom or on a living room bookshelf. Get jars from an Arts and crafts store, which you can fill with pebbles, seashells or beads and paint for a personalised look. Why not use gold paint to create a diamond pattern on the glass like a chain-wire fence?


A scented candle in your home is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere. A craft store will have everything you need to make your own candles, such as wax, scent, moulds and wicks. You can choose from various beautiful shapes, like a scalloped shell, a fanned ball, an iceberg and a love heart. Other mould options may be wave shapes and abstract faces. You can get elegant or offbeat moulds and fill them with a beautiful scent. Display the candles on open shelving in the bathroom or kitchen.


A craft store will have wreath frames that are often used for Christmas. However, you can create all sorts of wreaths using less traditional materials with different themes and hang them on a door inside your house. Use ribbons, flowers and beads to create a charming door decoration.

Reach out to an arts and crafts store near you to learn more.

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