Two Factors to Consider When Deciding if You Should Use an Art Restoration Service

Here are two factors you should take into consideration when deciding if you should use an art restoration service.

The estimated value of the painting

It's sensible to take the artwork's estimated value into consideration before deciding if you should have it restored. If you're not familiar with the artist or don't know much about art in general, and are, therefore, unsure of its value, it might be worth taking it to an art dealer and using their valuation service prior to making any decision about its restoration. Fortunately, this does not cost much. In fact, some art dealers may even value a painting for free and could provide you with very useful information.

For example, if the art dealer informs you that the painting could be worth thousands if restored correctly, then paying to use the services of a skilled art restorationist would be a wise investment. Taking that step could potentially leave you with a large sum of money if you find a seller for the restored artwork.

Alternatively, if the artwork's post-restoration value is likely to be the same as the cost of restoring it, then you can proceed with using this service if you want to keep the artwork for yourself, give it as a gift or hold onto it for sentimental reasons.

When you need the restoration to be finished

You may also need to consider the date when you need the artwork restoration to be finished. If, for example, you want to sell it at a specific event, such as an upcoming auction, or if it belonged to a deceased relative and you need to sell it at their deceased estate sale, then the restoration may need to be done by the time that event takes place.

In this situation, you should let the restoration specialist evaluate your artwork before asking to use their restoration service. After carrying out this evaluation, they should be able to determine how much work the painting requires and what restoration materials they may need to order and how long it will take for these materials to arrive. They should also determine how many days, weeks or months it will take for them to finish restoring the artwork. You can then decide if this deadline is acceptable, given the date of the event for which you'll need this painting. 

Restoring art to its former glory takes dedication. To learn more, contact an art restoration service. 

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